New! Works in Progress

I thought I would introduce you, the viewer, to my painting process. I will be leading the viewer through the development of one of my original watercolours from the first application of paint until the last. If you have any questions please email me at


The initial washes of sky and foreground. You are able to see the sketch of barn and surrounding foliage.


I have intensified the sky with some cobalt blue and a touch of purple. Some of the pigment is allowed to flow. This is achieved by tilting the board. More pigment has been added to the foreground helping to develop the 'field'.

The surrounding trees and bushes have been introduced with lots of colour! The foreground has been glazed with more intense pigment. I have started to define the shape of the barn and some of the shadows.

The barn is starting to take shape. The roof line is obvious and the shadows on the silo help to define its permanence. There are boards on the barn and windows are indicated.

I am really starting to love the foliage. Lots of colour has been added and dark shadows underneath. The barn has a lot more detail and has been 'grounded' with the shadows.


A bit more detail on the barn and some tree branches are added. The foreground has greater depth to balance the foliage.